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Small Manageable Changes

Can you change your life for the better?
When you feel better, you look better! When you look better, you feel better! 
I am all about small manageable changes to create healthy habits.
Can you change 1 thing? Of course you can!
Focus on 1 thing. That’s it! My goal this week is to: __________________ . Then take a week or two to incorporate it into your daily routine. Once you’ve got it down, add 1 new thing. 52 weeks in a year. Small manageable changes can make a huge difference over time! Even if you keep everything else the same, but change just 1 thing!
Here are some examples based on nutritional habits:
“My goal this week is to drink an additional 8 ounces of water a day.”
“My goal this week is to add a healthy protein to my breakfast.”
“My goal this week is to replace my ‘snack’ at lunch with a piece of fruit.”
“My goal this week is to replace the extra portion of ______ with an extra portion of
 “My goal this week is to replace a packaged, processed item with a fresh ‘natural’ alternative.”

Want ideas on what you can change? or what a better alternative may be? Just ask!
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