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How to enjoy the holidays without regret!

The biggest MYTH about nutrition during the holidays:  AVOID the treats, AVOID social events with all the temptations, AVOID the fruitcake (well, maybe ;-)), AVOID the warm apple strudel and schnitzel with noodles.
Now, THAT is a lie! Life is about livingAnd why I chose a healthy lifestyle, is because I enjoy living! Aiming for perfection every day is not living. Enjoying family and friends during the holidays- now that is living! A healthy mind, body, and soul focuses on the positive. YES you should enjoy the time with your family and friends! Say YES to social gatherings, and YES to yummy treats. Moderation should always be in place, but NOW is not the time for restriction. (That will come- AFTER the holidays)
But wait! “Didn’t you say you can’t out run a bad diet?!” Yes, it’s true, BUT- it won’t hurt to try. Here is the compromise:  say YES to enjoying the holidays, AND say YES to staying active. Enjoy some goodies, and enjoy some MOVEment! DANCE!
Life is about livingAnd I feel alive when I dance! Dance with your family, dance with your friends, dance through the store aisles, dance in the rain, dance in the snow, I don’t care where you do it, JUST DANCE!  
Just say YES, and reach out to me after the holidays! I want to help YOU be and feel your best!
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