Mental Mindset
Our health and fitness journey is not just what we eat and how we exercise; it is also our mental mindset! What we believe will effect how we behave. Do you believe that you are worth it? Do you believe that your health and fitness is a priority? I believe it is. 
I recently shared this thought:  FEED YOUR SOUL, GIVE TO THE WHOLE. First, I liked it because it rhymes :-) But really, it is the principle behind it. When you feed you soul- by taking care of your mental, spiritual, and physical health; you are able to GIVE more to the people and priorities in your life. 
When you invest in your mental and spiritual well- being, you experience joy! In turn, 
you share that joy with your loved ones!
When you invest in your physical well-being, you experience vibrance and strength! In turn, you share that positive energy with your loved ones!
A lot of the messages I share, I need to hear myself. I ride the roller coaster. Sometimes I make the choice to invest in my self-care; and sometimes I make the choice to let stress overwhelm me. Sometimes... doing less = more.  
Do you have more to give? 

First step. Change your belief. You are worth the investment in your self-care. 
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