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First Step. Are you balanced?

Are you balanced?! Let's talk Nutrition. The following graphic is Eric Helm's Nutrition Pyramid. It arranges nutritional considerations in order of importance. 
First Step? Calorie / Energy Balance. 
Think of it this way:  Going on a road trip? How far are you going? How big is your tank? How much gas will you need?
Your body is a fascinating machine. We want to start with determining how much energy we expend- to determine the energy we should consume. Once we know this, we can adjust our energy balance based on our goals.
Simply put:
Energy expended:  calories out
Energy consumed:  calories in
Therefore, weight maintenance is:  Calories out = Calories in
First step? Determine how much energy you expend on a average day. This is personal. Then work with that value to adjust the energy you consume to support a healthy body! 
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