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Corrective Exercise! 

Not always what we want, but often what we need!

I have many years of experience as a Dance Medicine Specialist, Athletic Trainer, and Physical Therapy Aide working on injury care, prevention, and rehabilitation. I believe corrective exercises are a vital component to improving overall fitness, and always incorporate them into a client's training program. Just like any dancer would agree in the value of ballet training to create a strong foundation; corrective exercise is necessary to create a strong foundation for anyone who is physically active. There are no perfect specimens. Everyone experiences some imbalances that can hinder their performance. The video below is a sampling of some of the corrective exercises I use with dancers to:  improve turnout, correct scapular winging, strengthen the posterior chain, and improve ankle, knee, and hip stability. Each has a specific purpose. If you have any questions and want to know which exercises may enhance YOUR training- message me!  

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